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The Conversation Economy Is Coming Your Way/h1>

The signs are everywhere

The bedrock of a birghter future for work, leisure, community, and democracy will rely on the innovation, imagination and integrity of the next generation of conversational experiences in the digital space.

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Conversation is Infinite

From medicine to market research, from high-level recruitment to role-playing-games, from political participation, to video college seminars. Video, voice, text, button only or multi-modal, consumer or intranet....

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Conversation is Human

Whatever the format of your "Con-App", any and all machine output is humanized to match its mission and persona. The more relatable the character, the more its users will invest in it. Greater user commitment leads to better inputs and a more responsive AI.

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The A+ Conversation Cloud

If you like what's under the hood, your apps can be powered by our "A+" Conversational Cloud and AI package, and take advantage of technology that after years of development, can now deliver the future today.

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We Are The Playmakers

The well-timed run meets the perfectly weighted pass. The stunned goalkeeper picks the ball out of the net. The client slides to to a stop on the wet grass. In the new world that's coming, innovation is no longer a risk. It's a necessity.

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